Kelsie Powers | Director of Team Development | Family Foundation

My Grandma Marce and her Sister Iva Jean used to love playing at Rod and Gun Park as young girls. Growing up in Shawtown, it was the perfect escape for them to have their adventures. Throughout the years living in Eau Claire, Rod and Gun Park remained a special place to them. It was where Grandma Marce married my Grandpa Powers and it quickly became a place they both enjoyed together as well. One of my fondest and most vivid memories is Grandpa heading down to the park on a warm summer day with his old fly-fishing rod and a hand-picked bucket of worms in tow, ready to fish for hours. He loved that park just as much as my Grandma did.

After my Grandparents passed, we dedicated a bench to my Grandma and her Sister Iva Jean at Rod and Gun Park, to honor their memory in the place that they grew up loving and sharing with the special people in their lives.

When our PTX Gives team at Powertex was given the opportunity to adopt a park in Eau Claire, it was a no-brainer that we would choose the Rod and Gun Park. It was the perfect way to honor an important part of our family foundation while continuing our family’s legacy and deep-rooted love for the park. Rod and Gun is now under the watchful eye of every employee that volunteers with our PTX Gives team and it is our responsibility to ensure that the park remains clean, safe, and accessible for generations to come.

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