Gray Powers | President | Craftsmanship + Emotion + Purpose

I have no idea when it started, why I started doing it or how it became a thing in our house, but we always serve food plated. I never really gave it a second thought, it’s just one of those things we do. We had a couple friends over for dinner a few weeks ago and one of them made the comment, “do you always plate your food?” Without thinking, I just kind of blurted out, “Of course, why go through all the work to make good food, and then let folks pile it on their plates like its prime rib night at OCB?” It got me thinking though…. 

 Food is a need – heck it’s almost as important as clothing (specifically t-shirts), but like most things in life it’s going to provide a stronger and more positive emotional response if it’s presented properly. Color, depth, texture all tells a story and prepares our minds for what we are about to consume. Drawing parallels to the rest of our lives is not difficult to do. Presentation influences our perceptions in countless ways and with just the slightest bit of additional effort, all of us can live like we dine at a Michelin Star restaurant. 

 At Powertex, we’ve always been focused on the experience. Our jobs are to present brands in an aspiring way and to think about all the little details of that experience and what we can do to ensure they are highly positive. It’s not good enough to just make food or products that taste or look good. We want to add all the other little pieces to present our food or products in a way that enhances the work we’ve already done.


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