Alanda Broman | Marketing Coordinator | Pioneer Spirit

Growing up, I was never the type to stray too far away from home. In fact, approaching my last year of high school I began to wonder if I would end up living in my comfortable Minnesota hometown forever. I don’t quite remember the pivotal moment that it all changed (let’s be honest – probably a quote I read on Facebook convincing me to get out of my comfort zone) but I decided to try something completely out of character and ended up moving away post-grad to a small Wisconsin college where I knew no one.

As scary as that first leap was, it ended up sparking a love of change that set the tone for the rest of my life. I began to seek out opportunities to try something new – finding ways to immerse myself in new people, places, and ideas. I became comfortable with change and instead of fearing it, embraced each new opportunity with an open mind.

Fast forward to today, as a military spouse I’ve had the opportunity to live in 4 different states over the last 6 years. Let’s face it – the actual process of moving I could do without and at times I feel like a nomad – but the ability to meet new people, discover new cultures, and learning to adapt to my ever-changing environment has shaped me into the person I am today.

Because of these drastic and frequent experiences with change, I’ve learned to pioneer through life with a positive, open mind in everything I do whether it be my career, personal life, or new opportunities. Although change has never gotten any easier, it has always been worth it.

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