Blue Ox Music Festival

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Blue Ox Music Festival + Powertex

Blue Ox Music Festival is an outdoor Bluegrass, Roots, and Americana music festival located in the heart of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. With the festival bringing thousands of passionate festival goers each summer, we teamed up with Blue Ox to design and sell a unique collection of branded festival merchandise, leveraging custom-branded products and a wide array of services to maximize event revenue. 

We are proud of our partnership with Blue Ox, and look forward to both designing branded merchandise for the festival and managing their on-site merch sales each year. See how it all comes together!

Customers shopping in the merch tent at a musical festival


Branded Festival Merchandise Design

We started by gathering data about their core demographics and built out custom designed branded merchandise collections in the styles that would most appeal to their audience. For Blue Ox, the demographic responds primarily to colorful, organic, and hand-drawn designs, combined with soft-hand print styles, so we set our illustrators and production specialists to work on creating a collection to match their tastes. 

Close up shot of the Blue Ox Music Festival poster
Stack of ladies Blue Ox Music Festival tees
Model wearing Blue Ox hat and tee with a Blue Ox button up over his shoulder
Custom Blue Ox Musical Festival 5 Years Patch by Powertex
Custom Blue Ox Music Festival pin
Custom Blue Ox Music Festival Tote Bags by powertex

Festival and Live Event support

We help Blue Ox maximize their event branded merchandise sales with complete turn-key merchandise area management. We take care of everything including: product transportation, branded merchandise area setup, staffing, logistics, booth planning, sales, P.O.S system deployment, money collection, signage, and more.

P.O.S Systems

We have multiple checkout points to keep lines moving and create a more pleasant customer experience. Our on-site P.O.S. system is custom developed to be quickly deployed, efficiently managed, and dependable in any environment.


Our engagement with customers at Blue Ox Festival plays a large part in our success. We ensure the branded merchandise tent is adequately staffed for the entire duration of the festival, ensuring we have backup staffers on-call in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Artist Merchandise

We handle the sales of branded artist merchandise at the show as well, not only selling direct to the fans, but making sure we keep them on their tight schedules with payouts and inventory reports ready right at the end of the show.

Marketing Support

We help our customers with everything from developing event posters, to pre-event and post-event marketing. From social media to event coupon handouts, to event jumbotron promotions, we work with our clients to drive merchandise sales.


Custom branded products are laid out in an easy-to-browse manner, with display models clearly visible to entice customers to enter the space, encourage further browsing, and assist in add-on sales. Area traffic flow is pre-planned to be fluid and easy to shop, navigate, and check out - even during peak traffic periods.

Festival Signage

We create clear, concise signage with pricing clearly visible and easy to scan. Event promotions, entrances and exits, and checkout areas are clearly displayed. We also offer clearly advertised bundle discounts on branded merch to encourage add-on sales and a higher average purchase amount.

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