Liz Castro, Accountant | Brian Castro, E-Commerce Developer | Family Foundation

The Chippewa Valley has always been our home.  I have lived a whopping 2 places in my entire life: the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire dorms and my grandparent’s house.  Now I live in my parent’s house that I grew up in and my brother and his wife live in my grandparent’s house.  We have always been a close family.  Brian joined my small, loyal family in 1993 and he brought in his huge, convoluted family.  He brought life experiences from living all over the country in his childhood (though his roots are the Chippewa Valley) and introduced a farm girl to city life.

Since then, as a team, Brian and I have carried on and created more family bonds outside of blood.  High work ethic, perfection, loyalty and our uniqueness as a team brought in additional roots that have grown through the years.  Our family ethics expanded to include loyal friendships that have moved from workplace to workplace together.  The ‘work family’ which included Marketing, IT/Programming and Accounting all found lasting roots at Powertex.  We were no longer the DiscoverNet family, but the Powertex family.

All of our unique work traits were combined across 3 separate departments that I believe create a strong work/friendship/family foundation that enforces the existing Powertex family foundation.  This, to me, was proven true when Brian and I suddenly found ourselves fighting for our daughter’s life.  Our Powertex family and friends allowed us to deal with and surpass the overwhelming hospital issues we faced by putting forth their family strength and loyalty for us. 

The Castros’ motto going forward: ‘The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades’ by Timbuk 3

Castro Family
Castro Family Photo
Castro Family Photo

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