Promoting brands through dynamic branded promotions, swag, and giveaways.

Whether you are at a live event, engaging in the community, or simply face-to-face with your customers, having cost-competitive and attractive branded promotional giveaways and swag is a must. At Powertex, we view branded items not as a commodity, but as a way to build bridges between you and your customers. 


Branded Merchandise Development

Our vast network of domestic and worldwide suppliers and manufacturers put tens of thousands of branded product options instantly at your fingertips, while our internal team of product developers and designers put your unique brand stamp on  them. From standard fare like branded pens, folders, poly bags, drinkware and office items, to more exotic items like high-end crystal, jewelry, die-casts. work wear, and PPE (Personal protective equipment), Powertex can bring you the branded products that are right for your customer engagement. 

Kubota branded stainless steel thermos
Model wearing a Kubota promotional cap
Kubota branded Pocket multi-tool
Co-Branded Dealer Products
Promotional Mugs
Kubota branded Buck pocket knife
Kubota branded custom cooler
Branded bag and tumbler
Dye sublimated gaiter


We provide a full range of services that allow you to expand your capabilities in order to accomplish your objectives. We work with each of our clients to build customized service solutions designed to deliver branded promos and swag to those that need them. 

Full Branded Product Development

We take care of the branded product development, design, sourcing, and decoration for you.

Custom Manufacturing

Imagination is the limit with our network of WRAP-compliant overseas manufacturers.

Merchandising Support

Need help getting your branded merchandise ordered and in your stakeholders' hands? We can offer online stores, order forms, order integrations, and digital/physical catalog support.


From custom branded live event kits to welcome, sales, and even employee inventive kits, we can build and safely deliver pre-packaged branded product selections to your team.

Fullfillment Logistics

Whether you need to deliver to one or a thousand locations, Powertex helps you get branded merchandise where you need it, when you need it.

Budget Optimization

To maximize their budgets, we work with our customers to leverage volume, consolidate orders, find alternative product/sourcing options, and more.