open house kits

Displays, giveaways and more

Grow your brand with a well-rounded open house kit.

With nearly unlimited options for kit components, open house kits are a flexible and simple way to equip your dealers and employees with the tools they need to grow your brand. Whether you need items to give away, display fixtures, or gear to outfit your staff, we provide a simple solution that will help to round out your open house event experience.

set your dealers up for success

Kit Design & Development

We work with you to determine the best display and product selections for your open house event to make your booth the talk of the show!

WARN Red Letter Award
Ski Doo Open House Kit
WARN Merchandise Display Kit
Ski Doo Open House Kit
WARN Open House Merchandise Kit
Ski Doo Open House Kit Swag


Powertex will take on the full management of kit development including design, sourcing, building, warehousing, fulfilling and shipping, while still leaving room for you to keep editorial control. Kits can include P.O.P., displays, banners, brand literature, fixture programs, giveaway products, employee incentive products, uniform items, and more.


Powertex orders, produces, and decorates all of the kit components for a hassle-free process.

Design & Sourcing

We will help design and source open house kit items to make sure your kits are well-rounded and polished.


We build and store the kits right in our warehouse, so there's no hassle of needing extra space to store them!


Open house kits are fulfilled and sent directly to dealers, so you don't have to be the middle-man.

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