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We create a seamless buying experience for your Dealers.

With most brands, dealers make up a large portion of their audience, making it important to provide them with consistent opportunities to purchase merchandise for their dealerships. To help dealers stay stocked with merchandise, we provide them the ability to purchase apparel, headwear, accessories, P.O.P. items, and more through a limited-time buying program.

with you from the START

Marketing & Design

We create a variety of marketing materials to ensure a successful launch of your buying program. From the online store to catalogs and order forms, event signage, flyers, emails and more, we  engage your Dealers and Distributors through multiple channels to ensure their participation.

BOSS's online platform streamlines the ordering process for dealers
BOSS Buying Program catalog creates an additional touch point for dealers
BOSS Snowplows online buying program is dynamic, making orders easy from any device.
BOSS's online buying program is responsive, making it easy to purchase on any device.
BOSS Buying Program signage creates an additional touchpoint for dealers
Boss Buying Program Flyers sent to BOSS Dealer inboxes.


During the buying program period, we provide product development, store development, consistent dealer outreach, marketing services, program support, production, warehousing and distribution. By taking on all tasks for the buying program in-house, we are able to create a seamless and timely experience for all dealers.

Full Service Support

We take care of the product development, full marketing support, warehousing, production and distribution so your Buying Program runs smooth from the start!

Large Product Selection

A full selection of apparel, headwear, accessories, P.O.P. items and more are provided so your dealers have a great variety of products to showcase their brand.

Quick Deploy Stores

Our special buy online stores are ready to go live in a flash. Stores can be run for a limited time period while your Buying Program is open.

Reduced Product Pricing

Purchasing in bulk through the Buying Program allows us to get great pricing on products, which you can in turn pass on to your dealers.

High Dealer Participation

Through multiple marketing channels, we engage your audience to drive maximum participation.

Co-op Availability

We offer co-op budget/management support, making the use of co-op seamless for all qualifying dealers.

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