About Us

Powertex Group specializes in building turn-key programs with engaging and aspirational merchandise that mirrors our customers’ brand vision. Since 1993, Powertex has used its trend-driven heritage and infinite drive to create deep long-term partner driven roles with its clients.

We specialize in bringing our partners engaging merchandise for their customers’ and fans’ lifestyles, building brand loyalty and raising brand awareness through turn-key, global, custom branded merchandise solutions and programs.

As a company, we operate from three basic pillars: product development, technology solutions and revenue enhancement. Product development begins with our in-house design team who utilize your brand’s unique qualities to inspire custom, engaging, on-trend designs. With a focus on lifestyle, those designs are transferred to a range of products, from apparel to promotional items, that are chosen to best fit the needs of your consumer. Our global network of sourcing partners and vendors, paired with our own onsite decoration facility, allows us to create top-quality products that fulfill the product solutions you need.

Utilization of your unique brand qualities don’t stop at product development – those qualities are carried into everything we do from e-commerce store development to engaging your audiences. Our online platforms are custom-designed and developed by our in-house development team utilizing enterprise-level features and responsive design to both emulate the essence of your brand and create the optimal experience for your consumer.

From there, we offer full marketing support leveraging traditional and digital media to engage your audiences and promote sales growth. We not only specialize in audience engagement for your end consumers – but also specialize in servicing your dealers, employees, corporate needs and more. With consumer engagement at the height of driving revenues, we put high emphasis on creating a custom marketing plan that utilizes strategically planned content that is individualized for your specific audience segments.

By utilizing your unique brand qualities at the base of each of our three pillars, we ensure that each consumer is provided an experience that emulates what your brand is all about. With a team of over 90 employees, each playing an integral role in the development of our programs, we operate off the premise that our client’s success is our success. We measure the success of our company not so much on the capabilities of our technology, the size of our facility, or the speed and efficiency of our distribution, but on the valuable client relationships we develop and the unique way we combine our strengths and talents to help our clients reach their goals.


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