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Our organization is built with the flexibility to help you succeed. Impossible is not a word we use when it comes to our clients. At Powertex Group, we understand that our value comes from over 2 decades of problem solving experience. You have a goal, and you need a way to reach it. It is always as simple as that; we pull from our vast array of value-added services to create a custom program that gets you where you need to go no matter how big, how complex, or how challenging.

The Brand Builders

Does your organization have the know-how and resources to implement a large scale retail branding campaign? How about the infrastructure to supply the promotional products to the locations you need? What about the marketing and customer support experience to handle a large-scale branded promotional campaign?

With a large scale promotional solution comes many different logistics issues that may be expensive and time-consuming to solve. That is where Powertex Group’s e-commerce and retail licensing programs can be beneficial to your organization. By utilizing Powertex Group as your full-scale promotional and/or retail partner, you can save considerable time and money by utilizing the pre-existing infrastructure that we have honed to perfection. Let us leverage our assets, volume, and expertise to provide you with the best value in the business.

Programs For Your Environment

Your business is unique, and so are your goals. Our incredible collection of value-added services can be combined and deployed in unique ways to fit your landscape. We specialize in turn-key, comprehensive solutions that take your vision and make it a reality.

We specialize in creating custom solutions specifically crafted to meet our clients’ needs. Rather than starting with pre-canned solutions, we do business by looking at each clients' opportunities, needs, and goals. We then combine our services and capabilities into a custom, fully managed program designed to meet those challenges, always creating totally new combinations. Let Powertex Group simplify your next promotional marketing program with the following programs customized for your organization: retail licensed apparel, promotional licensing and e-commerce programs, uniforms and employee incentive programs, and live event/festival support.

Providing Value Above & Beyond Expectations

At Powertex, we specialize in combining our vast array of core and value-added services to provide you with the program you need to accomplish your goals. No matter what the industry may be, we can help you get the word out. We mix and match from our portfolio of services to develop custom programs such as employee incentive programs and dealer discount e-commerce programs.

Specialty Services:

  • Custom E-Commerce Online Platforms
  • Marketing, Merchandising and Customer Support
  • Warehousing and Inventory Management
  • Item Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Logistics and Program Planning/Support