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Unique Brand Positioning

We help build eye-catching marketable apparel, and then bring them to our retail partners. By leveraging our industry relations, we bring holiday/event, private label, and licensed product apparel lines to mass, mid tier, and specialty retail outlets. Everything is under one roof. Let Powertex Group simplify design, strategy development, warehousing, worldwide fulfillment, logistics, inventory management, production, and sourcing for your retail lines.

They Won’t Believe Their Eyes

Powertex Group’s Creative Department keeps their fresh edge by staying on top of both the latest trends and the technologies used to implement them. We are constantly developing new artwork and apparel concepts for custom-tailored event/holiday lines, licensed products, and private labeled lines for your review. Let us show your organization our cutting-edge apparel design and product development expertise.

Our Retail Sales Division keeps up with and anticipates market trends in order to be able to bring you graphic design and products that are as attractive as they are marketable. By looking to the current market in order to understand where the best potential is for both short and long term sales opportunities, and then comparing that to your overall brand strategy, we are able to develop lines that truly are designed to meet your needs.

Both our in-house merchandising experts and creative staff will coordinate with your buyers, our licensed partners, and with our internal retail development team to design and produce product lines that are both attractively unique and strategically priced. We understand that retail space is competitive, and we take the extra time to custom tailor products that give you the best chance to best monetize each and every square foot of retail space.

It's Both What and Who you Know

In this industry, relationships count. Whether it be knowing how and where to best source your goods for the best balance of quality and price, or whether it is having a partner that actively identifies and builds new relations with licensed brand partners, Powertex Group will work harder than anyone to deliver you the worldwide relations you need to grow sales.

Our worldwide supplier relations give you the flexibility and quality you need to get the right garment at the right price. Through leveraging high annual volume with established relationships, Powertex Group provides top quality products at competitive prices. We have the infrastructure, capabilities, and relationships to fulfill and support your large-scale retail needs via our own internal decoration and distribution facility, as well as a vast network of proven national and international producers and suppliers.

Powertex Group is constantly developing new relations with licensed partners in order to bring new popular and niche branded products to the market. We both aggressively pursue these partners and help them to strategize product development in order to coordinate a plan that will succeed. By developing these relations and bringing them to right strategic retail partners, we help both sides to create new revenue opportunities.

Going the Extra Mile

Powertex Group firmly believes that our clients should never have to sacrifice quality, control, flexibility or pricing, and we want a chance to prove it to you. We offer a wide range of value-added services designed to help you streamline and optimize product flow and floor-readiness.

Floor ready programs, retail shippers, spinners, private labeling, bar-coding, tagging, bagging, custom packaging, P.O.P. development/support, special purchase programs, EDI integrations, custom systems integrations, logistics, special distribution support, kitting, and more are available to our retail partners. In addition, our internal team will devote the necessary resources to understand and strictly adopt your shipment packaging, marking & labeling standards, business standards, invoicing/payment guidelines, and merchandise quality standards.

Let Powertex Group show you how we can help you simplify retail apparel development, sourcing, production, licensee relationship development, value added service/support, and more. We’ll go the extra mile on all fronts, and can’t wait for an opportunity to prove it.