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More Personal, More Flexible, More Complete

We start by developing a line of absolutely amazing products that inspire your audience. We then create sales and distribution channels that are optimized for simplicity, service, and sales growth. Lastly, we take your program and market the heck out of it for you. All of this with no risk to you. In addition, we customize your programs based on channel (promotional and or resale) and then create enhanced services to help those programs be more successful.

No Toe-Dipping Here, We Dive In

Personalizing relations – get in front of your customers, franchisees, dealer locations, sales partners – whatever your network, Powertex Group prides itself on putting a personal face on our B2B outreach. We understand how important your business relations are.

Managing your networks is our specialty. No matter the size, geographical distribution, or complexity, Powertex Group can handle the logistics and execution. With the technological and structural tools we have at our disposal, in addition to solid supply-chain relationships, we are designed to be able to adapt to your unique needs.

Powertex Group offers not only superior product development and design capabilities, but worldwide sourcing distribution get your promotional products where you need them, when you need them.

Grow Relations, Increase Sales & Retention

We put the full power of our marketing and communications tools at your disposal: e-commerce, email communications, outbound calling, printed catalog support, market/audience segmentation, live event support and more. Let us put our passion and energy to work for you.

Through our exclusive B2B relations promotional programs, we can help you manage and grow your business. Our innovative 360° marketing and outbound call platforms allow us to keep in touch with your business partners – keeping them up to date on the latest products, specials, and program developments.

Through granular contact management and profile generation, our internal staff can pinpoint your biggest opportunities. From there, we have the marketing tools to reach out to your partners and turn those opportunities into conversions.

Consolidate & Expand At The Same Time

Gain control over your supply chain, branded merchandise, price points, and quality without sacrificing flexibility. What Powertex Group brings to the table is the ability for you to maintain absolute control over your brand, while offering the types of expanded program services you need.

With program additions such as custom e-commerce, live online co-branding, multiple price points, uniform programs, event support, floor ready programs, event kitting production/distribution, co-op integrations, P.O. orders, payroll deduct integrations, promotional good special orders and bulk buys, Powertex Group puts you in control of your program’s evolution.

We believe our clients should never have to sacrifice quality, control, flexibility or pricing for control over their brand, and we want a chance to prove it to you. Our technology and infrastructure is miles ahead of the competition, and we are constantly working to further widen that gap.