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Energize, Engage, Realize Your Potential

If your brand is your life blood, your retail products are the beating heart. Powertex Group handles some of the coolest and freshest retail brands in the industry. We design and build full consumer-direct programs that energize and engage your audience in order to sell, promote, grow your brand, and generate new revenue streams.

Have High Expectations? Us Too

Every day, we leverage our clients’ brand equity through superior industry-leading creative design and product merchandising. Our specialized staff is here to help you create strategies to supercharge your brand.

We start it all with a great creative staff. They will work with you to understand your brand image, and then push it to the limits of imagination. We create inspiring graphics and develop product lines that will attract people to your brand, providing the foundation for increasing sales and on-the-street recognition. You want trendy and cool? We do that.

Energizing your customers is what it is all about, from private labeling & custom packaging to a full 360 degree customer experience, we take your brand to a whole new level.

Make Every Communication Count

Growing a brand is about customer engagement. Powertex Group is geared to engage with incredible marketing talent and capabilities. From online marketing (social media, email, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, paid ad placement, etc) to more traditional methods (catalogs, flyers, on-the ground marketing, etc), Powertex Group helps spread the word. We use industry-leading technology to segment and engage your audience from a total 360 degree playing field, not content to rely on just one or two tricks from our marketing bag.

We combine this wide range of flexibility with the ability to track response and success on a granular level. The data we collect allows us to get in and accurately assess the success of each message and promotion. We can then take messages and promos that resonate with your audience, and use them to make the next promotion even more successful. We learn from every action, in order to fine-tune your message to your audience and heighten success.

Of course, having the capabilities to successfully market is one thing, but devoting the effort and having the resources to fully execute is another thing entirely. At Powertex Group, we have both of these in spades. From the right people, to the right platforms, Powertex Group can reach your audience and get in to deliver in order to increase engagement and recognition.

End-To-End Customer Experience

Our job doesn’t stop once a sale is made. In fact, some of our most important and critical services happen post-sale. From on-time fulfillment and extraordinary customer service, we take care of YOUR customers.

We feature worldwide distribution and logistics handling. We are strategically positioned in the U.S. to ensure a standard 3-5 day ship time anywhere in the lower 48 states. With in-stock items shipping within one business day, and live 24/7 inventory management, you can be sure to keep your customers confident in their orders, and happy with their deliveries.

Customer service is key, and an area which we separate ourselves from the competition. We look at every interaction with your customers as an opportunity to grow the brand. This is why we assign dedicated specialists to each account – highly trained specialists who know and understand your brand, and who understand your unique program. Every interaction is an important one, and Powertex Group strives to make each customer experience a pleasant and successful one.